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Community Garden

Our Community Garden is a staple for Blanche Sprentz. We are hopeful to gather up green-thumbed volunteers willing to reimagine our garden and get it up and blooming once again. Stay tuned as we host garden events to prep, plant and grow our garden. 

Garden Workday on Sat, May 13th, 9am -1pm

May 2022: Garden Clean Up!

A crew of awesome volunteers came together to pull a ton of weeds from our very overgrown garden. What a transformation in just an afternoon. We have big dreams for this school garden and welcome fellow green-thumbed volunteers to spend some time getting our garden back into shape. 

Our Garden BEFORE:

Blanche Garden before clean up. Messy and full of weeds
Blanche garden before clean up. Messy and full of weeds

Our Garden AFTER:

Blanche Sprentz Garden After picture
Blanche garden after clean up - garden beds are ready for planting.